HBA Fishing Tournament 2012: Final Results and Recap

It was a blustery cold fall day as anglers jockeyed for position to locate the mother of all coves where dangerous water creatures called home. As the first bait was cast into the crystal clear icy waters of Pomme De Terre Lake, you could hear the crowd cheering along the shores “catch those fish… catch those fish!” Large water monsters began to be plucked from their lairs as fishermen fought to reel in the enormous beasts. After hours and hours of fighting bass and battling the torturous waves, the brave Knights of the Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield were called in to display their harvest.

Okay… it was not cold, the waves were not rough and there were no “monsters” caught at the HBA Fall Fishing Tournament, but it was a lot of fun. See the photos below!

Here are the results:

1st Place – Kevin Clingan & Kevin Brown (15.06 pounds)

2nd Place – Jim Bilyeu & Terry Bradley (14.50 pounds)

3rd Place – Roger Satterfield & Kelly Jones (12.26 pounds)

4th Place – Gary Braden Jr. & Matt Funderbunk (11.84 pounds)

Big Bass – Gary Braden Jr. & Matt Funderbunk (5.32 pounds)

A special “Thank You” to ABC Supply for sponsoring the Big Bass competition! We hope everyone had a great time and we’ll see you next spring on the lake!

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