Election Day Wrap Up – Amendment 3 Passes & Rep. Schoeller Elected Speaker Pro Tem!

The “Vote Yes to Save Homes” initiative, referred to as Amendment 3 on the ballot, passed overwhelmingly on November 2. The final results: 83.7% voted “Yes”, while only 16.3% voted “N0”. The amendment prohibits transfer taxes on real estate.

Four of the five CBBT supported candidates were successful including Senator Jay Wasson (20), Senator Bob Dixon (30), Rep. Eric Burlison (136), and Rep. Kevin Elmer (141). Candidate John Sellars was defeated by a narrow margin in the 138th state house district by the incumbent.
Also in the news last week, former HBA Government Affairs director Rep. Shane Schoeller (139) was selected by the House Majority Caucus to serve as Speaker Pro Tem for the upcoming legislative session which begins January 5, 2011. The Speaker Pro Tem presides over the floor debate in the absence of the Speaker of the House. In addition, the Speaker Pro Tem is an ex-officio member of all House committees and is an integral member of the leadership team for the Missouri House of Representatives.