Chalk Rhomboid Shape Tiles

New Stock Line: Chalk

This concrete effect collection combines delicate tones with bold shapes.  The rhomboid shape allows you to create endless decorative compositions. This tile comes in White, Silver, Grey, and Dark. Build interest in your room by mixing and matching colors in the variety of patterns that Chalk’s shape provides. The rhomboid is an extremely flexible shape that can create zig-zags, hexagons, flowers, diamonds, and more decorative shapes using differences in tone and orientation. With this variety at your fingertips, and the cool tones that create harmony within the patterns, you have the option to make your application a centerpiece, or simply create texture or interest within your room.

Rhomboid Shape Tiles at Unique Tile

Rhomboid Shape Tiles Chalk Variation

Unique Tile is celebrating our 30th year anniversary this year!  Same ownership, same location, same name since 1988.

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