CEO Blog: Live from Las Vegas

It is Sunday evening and I’m in my deeply-discounted Las Vegas hotel room (Imperial Palace, if you must know) working to recap the highlights of my first day at the 2010 National Association of Home Bulders’ International Builders Show (IBS).

If you never have been to an International Builders Show, you certainly should at some point give it a try. There is no bigger spectacle in our industry than this. The show always features state of the art displays, interactive exhibits, and the latest innovative products. But what some people miss (for all the spectacle of the show) is the pre-show education. Builders and other HBA members spent Sunday gaining continueing education credits and necessary education as they pursue designations. Others serve on NAHB committees and have spent most of today working on your behalf on may critical issues.

I spent most of today working with other HBA executives to identify ways we can deliver better value for the membership dollar to HBA members. It is clear that the realities facing associations is and will be different in the future than it was in the past. Programs and events that always have “worked” may seem less effective than they once were. The value proposition for HBA members is changing, and it is up to association executives, staff and volunteer leadership to identify where their HBAs can be of greatest value to their members and begin re-defining the very role of an association accordingly.

Practically, that can mean a more comprehensive incorporation of social media (twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc.). It also can mean an increased focus on education and designations. Perhaps it means delivering critically important, exclusive data and analysis of the housing market and the greatest opportunities for future success.

These and others all are in play as we consider what the future holds. It makes little difference what was important to our members in years past. It doesn’t even make much difference what they find valuable today. What matters most is what members will expect an/or demand from their associations in the future. Those are the kinds of issues we are wrestling with in these pre-show education programs. I’m learning a great deal and am optimistic that what I am gaining here will directly provide value to our HBA members in the greater Springfield area.

Today I posted frequent twitter updates as I attended these seminars. I will continue doing that all week. I’m going to work to incorporate some photos with the tweets starting Monday. To follow me on twitter, click here.

Matt Morrow
Chief Executive Officer
HBA of Greater Springfield