CEO Blog: HBA Wins Six National Awards

You know it has been a full week when you sit down to blog and can’t remember what day it is. Tonight, on my flight home, I’m sorting through what has been a whirlwind week at the National Association of Home Builders’ annual Executive Officers Council Seminar. At the annual event (held this year in Louisville, KY), HBA Executive Officers and staff from across the country receive outstanding education and professional development programs, networking opportunities with fellow HBA executives, and behind-the-scenes peeks at new technology and services that can help local associations serve their members better and more efficiently.
I could write a lengthy column just on all the HBA improvements that Operations Manager Charlyce Ruth and I have placed on our to do lists as we return from Louisville. But you will see these as they materialize in the months ahead anyway – and I promise that, as members, you will benefit significantly from each of them. Stay tuned for more on that later.
But for the time being, may I take a few moments to play the role of chief HBA cheerleader? This event also is where the annual NAHB Association Excellence Awards are announced. A variety of categories of Association Awards recognize outstanding work by HBAs of varying sizes from across the country. This year, the HBA of Greater Springfield received top honors in six categories.
That’s more AEA awards than our association has received in any previous year. It also is more association awards than any HBA – of any size – received this year. Briefly, here are the six awards your HBA received at this year’s ceremonies:
  • Best Service Delivered to Members: Housing Market Research Project (Polling and focus groups on green building & general housing market)
  • Best Communication to Members, Magazines Published: Housing News monthly membership magazine
  • Best Communication to Members, Update Publication: HBA Daily News Electronic Newsfeed (Subscribe)
  • Best Political Action Program Administered: Good Government Gameplan for Springfield City Council
  • Best Specialty Targeted Fundraising Program: HBA Charitable Foundation Auction & Go-Kart Races
  • Best Source of Non-Dues Revenue (under $50,000): Green Building Product Showcase Night (Coming up August 18)
Of course, receiving national recognition for our association’s work is gratifying and humbling. But it also serves to underscore what most of us already suspected: we live and work someplace special. The members of the HBA of Greater Springfield are remarkable people who do remarkable things, as if they were routine. Our HBA staff is hardworking and committed to serving those remarkable members at the highest possible level. And those who make up our volunteer leadership (board of directors, committees, councils, etc.) are people of extraordinary vision, purpose, and resolve. They are leaders who – even amid the unprecedented challenges facing our industry – consistently insist on excellence in everything they touch.
That’s a pretty good combination. So good, in fact, that others recognize something special about it – and they don’t have the privilege of living with it daily the way we do. In a word, our HBA (and our local industry) is special. What an honor it is – for me and for our entire HBA staff – to work with and for the extraordinary members and volunteer leadership of the HBA of Greater Springfield.
– Matt Morrow, CEO
HBA of Greater Springfield, Missouri