Can Lightning Strike Me Inside a Storm Shelter?

Will I be electrocuted if the storm shelter is struck by lightning while I’m inside?

At FamilySAFE Storm Shelters & Safe Rooms, we hear this question from time to time, and the answer is simply no. Should your shelter be struck by lightning while you are inside, the electricity will travel down the outside of the shelter and into the ground through the anchorage system. The electricity will not go into the inside walls of the shelter to harm you. It is similar to being in a car that is struck by lightening, you would also not be electrocuted.*

The scientific reason for this is called the Faraday Principle.  For this very reason, you are protected from lightning while inside a FamilySAFE Storm Shelter.  For more information visit or call 417-732-SAFE.  FamilySAFE Storm Shelters, the Best Aboveground Storm Shelter in the industry!

*For extra precaution it is best to not touch the walls of your shelter, or your doors from the inside of your vehicle, during a storm.