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Congress Adjourns in Two Weeks….

Help pass Seller-Funded Downpayment Assistance and Energy Efficiency Tax Credits!
Call Congress Toll Free at 1-866-924-NAHB (6242)

Two weeks remain for Congress to consider legislation before breaking to campaign for the November elections. Legislation addressing seller-funded downpayment assistance and energy efficiency has the potential to be addressed before Congress adjourns.

Energy Bill

The House and Senate are working to come to a compromise on a broad-based energy bill, and NAHB is focusing on two very important aspects. First, NAHB supports extending the Section 45L – New Energy Efficiency Homes Tax Credit. The incentive provides a credit of $2,000 for new home that is 50 percent more efficient than required by the national model energy code.

Unfortunately, without action, the credit will expire at the end of 2008 and this credit represents the only federal incentive for energy efficiency in new home construction.

Secondly, NAHB is carefully monitoring attempts to include a number of provisions that would mandate energy ratings, green building requirements, and give the Department of Energy unprecedented authority to manage, enforce, and update building codes.

Down-Payment Assistance

In an attempt to overturn recent changes in law affecting the Federal Housing Administration’s (FHA) single family mortgage insurance programs, specifically a provision prohibiting home sellers from contributing any part of a purchaser’s downpayment, the House introduced H.R. 6694, the FHA Seller-Funded Downpayment Reform and Risk-Based Pricing Authorization Act of 2008. This bill was introduced to allow the seller-assisted downpayment program to continue past the current expiration date of October 1st.

The legislation is currently being considered by the House Financial Services Committee and could move quickly in the coming weeks.

Action Item

Please take a moment to call your Senators and Member of Congress at 1-866-924-NAHB (6242) with this simple two-tiered message.

“Before Congress Adjourns….”

1. “Pass H.R. 6694, the FHA Seller-Funded Downpayment Reform and Risk-Based Pricing Authorization Act of 2008.”

2. “Pass an extension of the Section 45L New Energy Efficiency Homes Tax Credit and oppose energy rating mandates and green building requirements.”

***Note: Due to the fact that the House and Senate are still working to craft the energy legislation there is not yet a bill number.

Please email questions and feedback to

Thank you for help with this grassroots effort!