B’s Renaissance Renovates City’s Core

Remodeling Victorian era homes that anchor the city of Springfield’s downtown area means more than just a coat of paint. It means a renewal of downtown living and a revitalized center city. This is what B’s Renaissance Renovations does… and they do it well.

The home featured this year on Elm Street gives a glimpse of the turnaround that can be managed with the help of a professional remodeler. This renovated home is more than 100 years old and had been converted into multifamily use. Now, unless you notice the attention paid to detail that preserves the character of the Victorian period of the home, you would think it was brand new.

This 1 1/2 story Victorian features four bedrooms and 2800 square feet of finished space. Ten foot ceilings are featured on the main level, where the home’s century-old hardwood floors have been restored to their original beauty. Play the video below to hear remodeler Jack Pugh’s description of the home and to see some of its most attractive features. You can e-mail B’s Renaissance Renovations by clicking here.