Asking the insurance questions protects the homeowner

Too many times at the HBA, we hear from homeowners during or after the home building or remodeling process—after they’ve already selected a builder/remodeler that isn’t an HBA member or they’ve tried to do it themselves. They want answers and they need help because they are not satisfied. It is very difficult to help them at this point. When homeowners contact the HBA before selecting a builder or remodeler, they can often prevent many problems because hiring an HBA of Greater Springfield member is an excellent way to ensure that your contractor is from this area and maintains the necessary insurance to protect you.

Missouri law requires companies working in construction with one or more employee to carry workers’ compensation insurance. According to these statutes, someone who qualifies as an employee can include a sub-contractor, a volunteer — even a family member helping to complete a job. It does not just refer to a traditional “W-2” employee. A contractor should be willing to provide proof of insurance documentation at the homeowner’s request. As well, the state Division of Workers’ Compensation has a brochure which explains the law as it pertains to those in construction and the state’s website provides an online search resource to double check workers’ comp coverage. To download the informational brochure, click
here. To access the online resource to check a company’s coverage, click here. (It is important to note that sometimes a company may carry coverage under another corporate/DBA name.)

During the membership application process and at annual renewal, all HBA members must provide proof of workers’ compensation and general liability insurance. These insurance requirements protect you, the homeowner, from liability for on-the-job accidents or other complications on the worksite. Proper liability insurance also protects you in the event of any future construction defects for years to come.

An HBA builder/remodeler has completed a rigorous process to become a member of this association. Builders and Remodelers are required to have been in business in the area for at least two years, and have completed a minimum of five projects. Those projects are then inspected at various stages of completion by experienced HBA builders to ensure their quality. Our builder members welcome your questions. They will provide proof of insurance and references readily. By calling the HBA at 417-881-3711 or by visiting our website at, you can obtain a list of builder/remodeler members and begin your homebuilding or remodeling process confident in the knowledge you will be working with one of the industry’s proven professionals.