“Ask A Remodeler” Segment to Air on KY3 in March

At its February meeting, the HBA Remodelors Council received an update about Legislative Day from Government Affairs Chairman Matt Bailey who encouraged all remodelers to attend Legislative Day on February 23rd. The Council also discussed the EPA Lead Safety Certification Classes being hosted by the HBA. All of the Council-member remodelers will have attended the course by March 12th. Classes are scheduled for March 4, 5 and 11 at the Springfield Contractors Association and the final class is set for March 12 at OTC’s Workforce Development Center. (Space is limited! Get your registration in ASAP — download form by clicking here.) The Council will focus its April meeting on discussing the course and how best to implement all of the changes and most cost-effectively obtain the necessary supplies.

Andy Flint, Chairman, notified the Council that Cara Restelli with KY3 had contacted him about having an “Ask A Remodeler” segment on the 5:00 and 6:00 newscast on KY3 on March 10th. Remodelors Council members Shannon Lee, Scott Bracy, Adrian Rhoads, Chris Oberhansley and Andy Flint volunteered to appear on the “Ask A Remodeler” segment.